Thursday, 27 May 2010

Blogging as belonging & kairospoints........

This is my first blog, as far as I can recollect. What is the purpose of Blogging then? That is the question Shakespeare asked his cat I'm sure. Will Blogging help me to be a member of a B-longing community, that is another question.

I am not quite sure what I will Blog-Blong about here but I will try and reflect on some of the little things in life that are important to me and hopefully will help you see what is important to you.

I am currently a student again, a mature one at 35, I have spent the past year at Belfast Bible college following my road to Blonging. The main thing in life that provides constant joy and fascination for me is the way things seem to happen, little things, big things, by coincident... There are always the big things, why am I here, why was I born in this place to these parents, why can I not stop eating chocolate bars, why do I keep making the same silly mistakes, why can't I find a job that satisfies??? I think these are big things..

But then there are the little things, like why did I meet a guy today who knew a guy who knew a guy I met in London a few years ago. Or how come my fiance whom I met in my back garden in London had a grandfather who came from the same town as me in Northern Ireland, and even went to my school. Or how come I spoke to an American teacher at college last week whose mum grew up in an area of London that I used to live in.

How come when I was baptised in a little church in Bangor (NI) in 2005, a little old lady came up to me afterwards and told me the name and address of a missionary she knew in London. It took me over six months to check out that address, it turned out to be the next road parallel to where my flat was in Southfields (nr. Wandsworth) in London. In fact the house was almost directly in line with my front door, over the top of the house opposite mine. Nobody was in and I got a message put through my door a couple of days later, saying that nobody of that name lived at that address. That was that, I thought.

Until June 2009 when I found myself working for London City Mission, and got into conversation with missionary called Ernie one night on Leicester square. He was originally from Belfast and had been working with the mission for about 30 years. As he left to catch his bus, I asked him where he was headed, Wandsworth he said. Off he rushed, but his answer had triggered a memory. Next time I saw him I asked which road he lived in? Sure enough, it was the very same road that little old lady had written down on a napkin in 2005 but also that road that was one street along from my own flat in London - a city with many streets indeed. This doesn't answer any particularly big questions but it's just one of many little co-incidents or kairospoints that I have noticed over the past 7 years.

Until next time.


  1. Fabulous! Great to read this. :) Happy Blogging!

  2. God is working in those Kairospoints for His Joy and ours.