Sunday, 5 August 2012

Two times two

It's been a while since I ventured blogward. Two years, two countries and two lives later. Two lives because two became one last summer when I got married to my lovely wife Seonaid. This has definitely changed my life more than a blog can ever describe, in so many mysterious, surprising and wonderful ways. I have really enjoyed this Transitional year of losing my oneness for a new twoness. Two countries because I have left the shores of ulster, again, spending a pleasant but windy eighteen months in the city on the rock. Edinburgh was wonderful but now a second country calls, the country within a city within a kingdom within England, they call London. What a time to come back to live and work in London, its eternal heart is beating faster then ever before and pumping a world of Olympic tourists through its coloured tubes. Colour is everywhere, in it's people, it's posters, medals and streets. Come and see is all I say, this place is really alive this summer. Two years goes fast these days, I guess it always did but now I really feel it. And I am thinking what am I really doing with it, two here, two there, passing from one phase to another from one season to the next. How do we know what are twos are adding up to, or does it matter? Hopefully all will become clear in two more years....

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